wedding photography
April 2, 2017

Wedding at the Lake Erie Building


When I first met with Beth and Mike, they told me they were having their wedding  at the Lake Erie Building.  That’s when I knew I wanted to be a part of their wedding.  I’d had studio space in the building for a couple of years so I understood the potential for great pictures there.  Then they told me that Spice of Life was catering.  Now I really wanted to work with them.  They were friends with the folks there.  I’m friends with the folks there.  It seemed like we were just all supposed to be working and having fun on their wedding day together.  And that’s pretty much how it all went down.

The morning started off a bit rainy and foggy.  It brightened up into a beautiful afternoon and that light filled the second floor of the Lake Erie Building magically.  Those big, old, dingy factory windows create wonderful soft light that is so easy to work with.  After very personalized ceremony, with the couple reading their own vows, it was on to cocktail hour and a party that rocked all night long.