Engagement Portraits at CMA

January 17, 2016

I met up with Cathy and Peg for their Engagement Portraits at CMA several months back.  We had expected Cleveland to be cold and teasing us with Winter, but instead the sun was shining at we were able to get outside of the beautiful atrium and get some pictures on the wonderful museum grounds.

When I first met with Cathy and Peg to discuss their wedding, we talked forever.  It was just a great fit.  I’m so happy that they finally have the same opportunity as the rest of us – to get legally married right here in Cleveland.  They’ve waited all their lives to do.

Their wedding is not that far away.  It’s going to be very special and great day!

Calamia-Downing-8 Calamia-Downing-18 Calamia-Downing-23