Bailey – Working with the Fuji X100s

April 29, 2014

This post is going to be a little bit photo-geeky, but I’m thinking Bailey’s photos will help balance things out.

I’ve been working with the Fuji X100s in my personal life since Santa dropped it off under the tree at Christmas.  It’s an amazingly fun little camera.  Light weight, very responsive and it looks really cool with it’s retro styling.  Very much reminds me of shooting with my Leica M2.  I’ve been so impressed with the quality of it the images that I’m trying to find ways to work it into my professional sessions.  Problem with that, is that I always through it in the bag, get to the session and pull out my big, heavy Canon gear.  Old habits are hard to break.

I had some free time this weekend and called up my friend Bailey to see if she’d be interested in modeling for an hour or two.  She was all for it so I loaded up the camera bag with just my Fuji X100s and a couple of flashes.  Off we went.


The thing about packing flashes is it guarantees you will find great light on location.


I’m really happy with the results.  I plan on bringing it out of the bag on more shoots and even adding one of the Fuji models that have interchangeable lenses to my bag of tricks before the end of the year.