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nutcracker ballet photography
The Nutcracker Ballet
I was very fortunate to get the opportunity to photography the Nutcracker Ballet as performed by North Pointe Ballet.  I started early during their warm-ups and then was given access to go anywhere on stage as they ran a full costume dress rehearsal of the show from beginning to end.  Here are just a few of my favorite images! ...
engagement portraits
Engagement Portraits
Usually when I'm taking photos of Bailey it's for some crazy idea that I have but this time around it was her engagement portraits!  I ended up having two session with Bailey and Andrew because it rained the day of the first and that made getting into the river with a waterfall a bit more dangerous and less scenic than we were hopi ...
Gilmore Academy Senior
Meadow is a Gilmore Academy Senior that I first met at the pool when my kids joined the local rec swim team. That shouldn't be a surprise to anybody that knows her.  She's always at the pool.  She's also a Class of 2019 Senior and getting ready to go on to new adventures after high school.  It was great to see her again and explore ...
dance photography
Into the City to Dance
Jake came into the city to dance a few weeks ago.  I met him in an area I haven't photographed in before and that was great.  Change is good.  New spaces lead to new perspectives.  There were some interesting elevations to take advantage of and we even got to climb fire escapes!
dance photographer
Akron Dance
I headed down to Akron for dance session a few weeks back with Kristi.  It was a chance to get into a new location to shoot and that always leads to a bit of creativity compared to the places you know well.  We had a great time walking around the city and found a some cool spots to capture some photos.
dance photography
Beach Dancing
There have been a lot of city sessions lately so how about some beach dancing?  Jessica is a dance major getting ready to finish up her academic career and move into the entertainment industry.  I'm sure she'll be very successful!  For this session we met at Mentor Headlands State Park.  Lake Erie was a little too rough to get in b ...
cleveland ballerina
Ballerina in Cleveland
This is what you get when you put a ballerina in Cleveland!  Leah is an amazing dancer and is only 13 years old!  I can't wait to see what she does with her art as she grows.
Taylor Dances in Cleveland
Taylor dances in Cleveland in this post of images.  She is another of the fantastic instructors at Dance Studio M.  As usual for me, it was a just a walk through the city and picking out the spots that looked interesting in the moment.  Made a lot of great images!
High School Senior
Matt is a high school senior at St Ignatius in Cleveland.  I met up with him on campus and we took a walk around the school and over onto W. 25th street  to get some great photos.
newborn photography
Newborn Portraits
It's always excited when I get to take newborn portraits.  Especially for somebody that I've worked with before so I was very happy to get the call from Haleigh that she was going to be welcoming a little one into her world and that she wanted me to take the first portraits.  So say hello to sweet, little Evelyn!
cleveland senior portrait
Solon High School Senior
Cayla is a Solon High School Senior that met up with me for her Class of 2018 Senior Portraits at the Cleveland Museum of Art a few weeks ago.  We spent some time inside and then made it outside for a few shots in between the rain drops.
Westlake High School Class of 2018
This Westlake High School Class of 2018 Senior is a special one.  She's not only my niece but she is also a partner in crime with my two children whenever family gets together.  She done a lot.  She was a star soccer player.  Now she's a star book reader.  I imagine she's read a library's worth of books so it was fitting that we en ...
cleveland family portrait
One Year with Phil
It's been one year with Phil!  That's right!  This little dude is one year old.  It's been so fun watching him grow up and staying in touch with his parents since first met them at their wedding.  Well, I actually first met Katie and her sister's wedding!  It's great to work with families and get to know them well. Phil's first ...
willoughby senior portraits
Willoughby South High Class of 2018
Ben is a Willoughby South High Class of 2018 Senior.  He played football there and has bigger plans after graduation.    The morning we met at the park was crisp and cool and a bit like a wildlife adventure.  I'm pretty sure there were more wild  turkey and deer walking around than people!