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modern dance
Dance Session in Akron
Trevor is another regular collaborator of mine and we met for a Dance Session in Akron.  I worked quite a few times in Akron in 2019 and it's a great location for photographs!
hip-hop dance photography
Hip Hop Dance Photography
KeyShauna wanted to combine a maternity session with her love for hip-hop dance so we did just that.  We met and the Cleveland Museum of Art for this session.  It's one of my favorite locations! 
ballerina portrait
Ballerina Portraits
Elizabeth is a ballerina I met through North Pointe Ballet.  I've photographed her multiple times during performances and was very happy to meet her in the city for a session.  This one also took place in the Cleveland Cultural Gardens.  Nothing gets you attention in the city like wearing a tutu in a garden!
dance photographer
Cleveland Dance Photography
Rachel is a recent grad from the dance program at Cleveland State University.  I've worked with few members of the program and was really happy to meet up with her for a dance session at Edgewater Park one evening this summer.  The photos turned out great!
Maternity Dance Portraits
I haven't been too diligent about blogging lately but I'm going to try and get caught up over the next couple weeks so lots of new posts coming!   I met Kristi last year for a dance session in Akron and was so excited to find out she was pregnant and wanted to do a maternity session focused on dance!  We met on Mother's ...
Ballet in the Flats
I met Jessica through North Pointe Ballet and this Spring we met up to do a session away from the performance stage and in the streets of downtown Cleveland.  It was a pretty chilly evening when we met on the East Bank of the Flats for our session but the sun was shining!  We managed to only shiver in between photos!
contemporary dance photography
Cleveland Contemporary Dance
Bryant is a dancer relatively new to the Cleveland area.  He reached out to me about updating some shots for his portfolio after seeing some images I made for a friend of his.  We met earlier this year on a day that we thought was warm, but really, how warm is it in March?
ballet photography
Akron Ballet Photographer
Way back on an unseasonably warm day in January, I met up with Abby for a dance session in downtown Akron.  This was a our second time we've collaborated and I'm sure it won't be the last.  We spent most of our time on the rooftop of a parking garage but also took a walk to the outside garden area of the art museum .
cleveland ballet project
Trevor Dancing in Cleveland
I came across a social media post that mentioned Trevor dancing in Cleveland a few weekends ago.  A couple messages later and we had scheduled a session in downtown.  With a new dancer, I also took a new direction and walked west for a change from Public Square.  It was a great night and the photos are really solid.
Taylor Dances in Cleveland
Taylor dances in Cleveland in this post of images.  She is another of the fantastic instructors at Dance Studio M.  As usual for me, it was a just a walk through the city and picking out the spots that looked interesting in the moment.  Made a lot of great images!
dance in cleveland
Dance in Cleveland
Michelle is the owner and one of the instructors at Dance Studio M in Solon and I met with her and a few others from her studio to dance in Cleveland a few weeks ago.  I never have much of a plan for these sessions.  It's a bit of seeing how people dance then playing off the landscape around us - the buildings, alleys - and blendin ...
cleveland dance photography
Dance Photography in Cleveland
I'm shooting more and more dance photography in Cleveland.  Several weeks back when I rented the Fuji GFX50s, I also managed to get some time with Jeff and Chandler.   We met in downtown Cleveland because I've been wanting to shoot somebody dancing in the fountain at the new Public Square since it opened last year.  They said they ...
ballet photography
Dance Ballet in the City
I had a free morning in Washington, DC about a week ago and put out a blast on social media to see if I could find someone to dance ballet in the city for me.  My calls were answered and on a brisk Spring morning I met up with Barri to explore a bit.  We started at the City Center shopping area and found this wonderful background o ...
dance portraits
Fields and Flowers
I usually ask all my clients if they like fields and flower or urban cities and concrete. Ellie said both. So both is what we did for her Senior Portraits earlier this fall. Ellie is also a dancer. Her older brother was one of my daughter's tap dance instructors. So dance runs in the family. After leaving the fields, we headed into ...