Autumn could be my favorite time of year.  The colors of fall, the cooler temperatures, the fun activities like hayrides, apple picking and, of course, Halloween.

Pumpkin Bonfire

This year we brough home around 175 lbs of pumpkins to carve. All told, it’s 11 pumpkins. Four were used for this bonfire creation. The kids and I each have two more to carve. I guess our house takes pride in having the coolest pumpkins on the street.

I also like this time of year because Halloween is about the only time I can get the boy to pose for a picture without bribing him. Just getting to be “scary” is enough. He doesn’t stand still for many, but he wants to make sure he’s included!


He just thought it was so cool that his teeth matched his shirt.

And the little witch? She’s always ready to have her picture taken. I’m surprised this didn’t involved costume changes. There is still time, though, since Halloween is a day away!

The Little Witch