Bailey – Scene Five
Scene Five.  Five.  That's how many times Bailey has been in front of my camera.  We work well together.  It's a collaboration.  It's the gym for creative exercise. A few weeks ago I was out exploring the area playing Pokemon Go  with my kids.  Yes.  WITH MY KIDS!  We were at a park I'd been to before but never really explored m ...
Olivia at Squire’s Castle
This young lady, Olivia, is dancer with my daughter.  This week she's living it big out in LA taking part in some workshops, but last weekend we got together to take some fun photos and get some portraits she can use as head shots. We worked our way around the grounds at Squire's Castle.  Avoiding a wedding and family portrait s ...
Meredith at the Beach
Occasionally, I reach out, share what inspires me and ask if anybody would like to help me out with a themed session.  Meredith answered one of those calls and we headed out to Mentor Headlands to have a bit of fun.  It was warm, the waves were rolling and the sun was shining.  We had a great evening making some fantastic photos th ...
Going to the River
"We're going to the river to dance", I said. I'll try not to go on and on about these photos.  Not that I'm all that verbose anyhow, but these are a little different.  They are portraits of my daughter.   She loves to dance.  It's probably the only thing she knows how to do.  By that I mean, if you asked her what she would do if ...
Dinner at Spice Acres
The Plated Landscape's Dinners at Spice Acres are one event I alway look forward to.  The people - Ben, Jess, Missy, Jackie, and so many other's on the team - are fantastic to work to with.  They do their thing amazingly well and they are willing to call some awesome photographers - like me - and get out of the way and let us do ou ...
Lennox is Six Months Old
Lennox is six months old.  Six. Months. It's hard to believe it was six months ago that I was taking his newborn photos.  Or a few months before that I was inside at the Cleveland Museum of Art taking maternity photos with his parents. Six. Months. We went back to the Cleveland Museum of Art for this portrait session.  Par ...
cleveland wedding
A Wedding in Tremont
Cathy and Peg had a wedding in Tremont.  They weren't sure it would ever happen.  At 15, the other girls talked about plans for their wedding days, but Cathy and Peg couldn't - at least not then.  Fortunately, times are changing and many more people understand that love is love.  That nothing should stand in the way.  So last weeke ...
Little Jackson
Little Jackson was less than a week old when I got to meet him and his parents last week.  I enjoy these simple newborn sessions.  At the families home, typically right in their living room.  All you need a plain wall and some nice light flowing in through a window.
Video Game Style Session
Kat called me with the idea for this video game style session a while back and I'm glad we finally got around to shooting it.  I'm even happier  that I've been able to share the photos all week long on my Facebook and Instagram feeds.  You should be checking those out! I want to give a big shout out to the great crew at Punchbow ...
Danielle is Back
Danielle is back.  She has been on the blog before.  She's somebody I call to help my test out new gear - a new camera, a new lens, a new light.  This time around it was a new light.  Spent the better part of an hour goofing around and trying a  couple different things.  We made some great pictures and had a lot of fun. &nbs ...
dance photography
Rachel is a ballerina.  A dancer.  It's what she does and she does it well.  I see get to watch her every week because she is also one of the senior students at the studio my daughter dances at.  She's a Senior at Lake Catholic too.  A while back we met at my studio to make a series of photos that would be her High School Senior Po ...
family portrait
Family Portrait Session
I met up with my old friend Chef James for a family portrait session with his beautiful wife and children back in December.  The Chef and I go way back - like kindergarten days.  A few years back he relocate to the Cincinnati area but comes home to visit every now and then.  This time was for the holidays.  We caught up at my studi ...
newborn photography
Welcome Lennox
Welcome Lennox to world! I first met up with his parents, Lee and Danielle, a few many months ago at the Cleveland Museum of Art for a maternity portrait session.  I was so glad when I finally got the opportunity to meet Lennox. I'm looking forward to watching him grow up this year and making more great photos of him!
newborn portraits
Little Mason
Little Mason was born two months ago, just before Christmas.  He's a happy little man and his parents love him to pieces!  I was so happy to spend a little bit of time getting to know him and capturing some of his very first portraits!  Can't wait to watch him grow-up!