Michelle and Lynda sent me an email a few weeks back saying how much they liked my photos and that they would love to get together for me to shoot there extended family – they and their families have been close friends for years.

Then they gave me the whopper – do anything you want.  I was talking with my friend Andrea about this just the other day.  That kind of freedom immediately makes the mind go blank!

I managed to pull it together and we had a great, and hot, night shooting in Willoughby near the Chagrin River.   They were up for anything I threw at them and the shots came out great because of that.


Flower Girl

Picking Flowers

Looking Forward

A Boy's Best Friend

After walking the trials for an hour we finally ended up down by the river. It was a much appreciated too since we were all hot and tired by that point. Just splashing around for a few minutes gave us all some energy.


River Sitting

River Walk


We made it back to the parking lot with just enough time to for the boys to flip a few tricks on their skateboards before we had to call it night.



It really was a great session. We’re already talking about getting back together this fall to do it all again!

Thanks Michelle and Lynda!


Thanks Michelle! It was a good time. I can’t wait to hear what you think of the rest!

These pictures are fantastic! I am so excited to see the rest. You have an amazing talent and we are lucky to have you as our photographer.
Michelle Johnson