What happens when you take 13 children under the age of five and get them together for a group portrait?  Well, a lot of things but two certainty is that it’s going to result in some very cute pictures and some chaos.

This is the second year I’ve shot Kathy’s kids for Christmas.  She watches these 13 little ones every day and for Christmas they get matching PJ’s and a picture to send home to Mom and Dad.

My plan with kids is “wow” them with my charm right away.  Don’t these guys look amazed?

Front and Center

I started off with the individual shots first. Based on the early results it was a great idea.


By the time I had gone through all 13 kids though things were taking a turn for the worse.

This is How We Planned It!

Still sort of a cute shot. It’s kids being kids, ya know? Last years shoot went a little better… but the kids were also older

On the technical side this was all done with a couple strands of Christmas lights and some Speedlights with white bounce umbrellas. Coming up in 2010, I plan on shooting some “behind the scenes” video on shoots like this. Got my new Canon Vixia HD camcorder sitting right here next to me.