Shannon, Jason & Sawyer – Family Portraits in Chagrin Falls

October 28, 2013

Meeting children for the first time can be an adventure.  Typically there is a some shyness in the beginning.  I mean, you’d be shy if some stranger just showed up and started sticking a huge piece of glass in your face and chasing you around hoping until you got tired and stood still for pictures, right?  That wasn’t the case with Sawyer.  We were immediately best friends and that was a good thing.  He let down his guard and brought out his big smile the entire time we were together.

We spent a little time on the playground near the river before walking across the street to hike down and explore the falls.  You’d also expect the child to be the one getting dirty.  Not the case this time and I was the one that slipped on the rocks and ended up covered in mud!

I had a great time with Sawyer and his mom and dad.  Can’t wait to see them again.

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