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South High Senior Dino
Willoughby South High Senior Dino and I met up in Downtown CLE last fall.  We started down around the Rock Hall but made our way to the place where he really feels at home.  The Cleveland State Natatorium.  Dino is made to swim.  He lives to be in the pool.  He wins races.  He sets records.  He has enough medals to cover his outstr ...
cleveland senior portrait
Hanna at the Beach
I met Hanna at beach and my studio for her Class of 2017 Senior portraits.  We were going to do some more formal things inside but the weather was so perfect that we just worked around the outdoor space at my studio and then headed to Edgewater park to play a bit on beach and in waves.  It was a great session.  Hanna's huge smile l ...
dance portraits
Fields and Flowers
I usually ask all my clients if they like fields and flower or urban cities and concrete. Ellie said both. So both is what we did for her Senior Portraits earlier this fall. Ellie is also a dancer. Her older brother was one of my daughter's tap dance instructors. So dance runs in the family. After leaving the fields, we headed into ...
Senior Pictures Field and Flowers
Field and flowers or concrete and cities?  That's usually the question I respond with when people ask where we should go for their portrait session.  Maddie wanted fields and flowers.  I knew just the spot. Maddie is another Eastlake North Class of 2017 Senior.  She's also the daughter of good friends - so no pressure to get thi ...
Eastlake North Senior Portraits
Chris is a Ranger.  A two sport Ranger.  As a kid he just played football.  Then he just played soccer.  Now he does both.  Last year he even became a bit of a local celebrity for hitting the longest field goal in school history during the first game of the season to cap a win for the good guys. We met up at the school to take h ...
dance photography
Rachel is a ballerina.  A dancer.  It's what she does and she does it well.  I see get to watch her every week because she is also one of the senior students at the studio my daughter dances at.  She's a Senior at Lake Catholic too.  A while back we met at my studio to make a series of photos that would be her High School Senior Po ...
high school senior portrait
Sommer in a Field
Sommer in a field.  How about that?  A couple months ago I met up with Sommer in field to take her High School Senior Portraits.  We met on a warm Autumn evening and strolled through a place that has been one of my favorite locations the past few years.  It's changed a bit, the location, but it's still a great spot.  We made some f ...
Jackie – Class of 2015
Jackie is another of the great Class of 2015 Seniors that I worked with this year.  It was a fantastic fall day when we got together in downtown Willoughby to take advantage of the some of the historic architecture around the square.  Turns out the Jackie is a big fan of Christmas so we also lucked since the decorations were alread ...
Jared – Downtown Cleveland
Jared is another one of the awesome Class of 2015 Senior that I've had the pleasure to work with this year.  He finishing up school at my Alma Mater - Eastlake North.  Go Rangers!